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Facts You Need to Know about Khouribga

Have you heard about Khouribga? If not, you need to take a closer look on this article in order to have an idea of what Khouribga is.

Khouribga is situated 120 km. of Casablanca (154 km from its capital, Rabat), 200km from Marrakesh City, 99km from Beni Mellal City, and 60km from Settat City of the Khouribga Province. It rises at 820m (above sea level) from its appearance on Phosphate plateau called the Quardigha. To simplify, the land is a particular region in Morocco.

This city was established in 1923 by French protectorates after they discovered the presence of phosphate deposit in the area. It was also during this time when Morocco was considered to be the prime exporter of the said mineral across the globe.

One of the prides of this province is the presence of various notable mine sites. These include the Sidi Shennan (a place near Qued Zem in the vicinity of Khouribga Province). The entire province map is limited by Beni Mellal Province (East), Ben Slimane (West), Settat Province (South), and Khemisset Province (North). The total land area reaches 52 square kilometres (20 square miles). This landscape hosts a total population of 210,000, and ranks in the 15th place of Morocco’s top populated regions.

In terms of its government, the province is fathered by Governor Abdelliatif Chadali, while the city is headed by Mayor Mouhamed Zekrani as a result of the 2009 Constitutional Union.

The region is rich in the area of economic enterprise. It primarily owns a phosphate deposit estimated at nearly 40 billion (cubic m.). This large reserve ranks the province at the first place at the entire Morocco. Aside from this overwhelming mineral deposit, Khouribga is also among the cities in the country to bring stable currency. This is greatly attributed to the community residents around the place who come from Italy.

Phosphate mining is not the only pride of the land. It is also a booming market with its fast-growing industries in different economic sectors. Listed below are among them:

  • Electronics and electrical industry
  • Mechanical industry
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical industry
  • Textiles

The current status of marketing in Khouribga is further strengthened by these products and resources, thus opening a wide range of opportunity for a huge number of investors in Morocco and the rest of the world. All these display viable potential to profit-generating enterprises that are emergent upon the region.

In order to locate the best places to set up a business operation, the province also provides key locations where commerce has greater possibilities of success. To enumerate the top industrial zones, here are three of them.

  • The Industrial District of Khouribga which measure at around 20 hectares, with 234 partitions. It also has 13 industrial operational units and the available zone for expansion.
  • Qued Zem Industrial Zone
  • Bejaad Industrial Zone

Various sectors act as service providers for different consumer demands. The number of each agency is not as plenty as one can expect, however it is a very strategic number with respect to its area measurement. The following are the numbers and the agencies operating around the community.

  • Railway Transportation (2). This transport provides daily trips. It also projects at establishing a modern train station.
  • Travel agencies (7). Apart from riding the trains as the primary mode of travelling, local and foreign tourists can be catered by the various travel agencies, which offer a minimal cost of tour packages.
  • Bank agencies (25).The number is a substantial figure that allows a smooth and strong circulation of finances in the province.
  • Insurance agencies (6). Getting a life or property plan is also catered by the business branches that spread across Khouribga.

Like any other places, the province has a lot of potential in the field of agriculture. Its agricultural lands are strategically proportioned to suit the demand of this industry. 50% of the total agricultural site is the arable land, while 20% is the forestry. Come to think of it, the 30% still remains unused. With this variable, this means that there are still a lot of developments that can emerge in the sector. With regards to the rural areas, the most essential source of living is the livestock and its related features. The estimated total herd population are as follows:

  • Sheep is 500 000 to 600 000 heads
  • Equidae is 40 000 to 60 000 heads
  • Cows is 50 000 to 70 000 heads
  • Goats is 30 000 to 60 000 heads

This enumeration does not include the entire animal trade facilitations such as poultry farming, animal import and export. In addition to theses, the area of handicraft production also amplifies the land’s economic growth. This sector presents a sizable contribution to its local market with its 9 cooperatives (shared by 260 members). A formidable handicraft association is also a support to the handicraft producers and traders.

In terms of health management, the province has enough medical facilities that can attend to a variety of health needs. Khouribga covers provincial hospitals (3), health centers in the urban zone (7), health centers (20), and rural clinics (9). In fact it is among the leading areas in Morocco to provide reliable health services.

There are indeed plenty of offerings that this region has to offer. For people who love history and politics, they are sure to be satisfied of its richness. To name a few of the notable persons in the land, here are some.

  • Alfred Beauge- known as the (Founder of the land). He established the city in early 1900s.
  • The resistance fighter popularly known by the name of “Dzairi”, or formally (Khoudri Elhaj Ben Azouz. He was reported to have disappeared after several events in 1972.
  • The international singer named Hindi Zahra
  • A French-Moroccan athlete (middle-distance running) named Hindi Dehiba who bannered his life-changing point in March 17, 1979.

You have probably visited some other parts in the world. If you have never encountered the name before, this sneak preview of about what to expect in the city can be a great guide for your itinerary.